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2X qPCR Probe Master Mix  (20 µl X 200 rxn)

It allows you to make the best hotstart PCR applications with taq polymerase combined with an chemical modification. The special additives in its content help to eliminate foaming of the mixture resulting from vortexing, so that valuable samples are retained with fewer errors. Specially developed buffer chemistry works in harmony with almost all of your reaction designs. NucleoGene 2X qPCR Probe Master Mix reagents contain an inhibitor neutralizing additive that inhibits several types of PCR inhibition from clinical, plant, or environmental samples or complex food matrices, providing reliable qPCR assay performance. So you can do all the environmental analysis, GMO (genetically modified organism) analysis, analysis for clinical samples (stool including). In addition, NucleoGene 2X qPCR Probe Master Mix reagents are optimized for use in single-step RNA analyzes and different RNA analyzes.

  • Extreme thermal stability: withstands three months at 25 ºC with no impact on efficiency

  • Chemical based hot start system reduces non-specific amplification and primer dimers

  • Overcomes inhibition in crude extracts and environmental samples

  • Amplifies up to 4 kb from genomic DNA, and GC-rich targets with up to 70% GC-content

  • License-free for commercial or diagnostic use


Stable at 50 ºC for 8 days, or 25 ºC for 3 months, NucleoGene mixes ship economically at ambient temperatures, prevent Cq drift over time due to thermal degradation, and are ideal for high throughput or field applications where temperature control is not always ideal.

NucleoGene 2X qPCR Probe Master Mix has been validated against genomic, plasmid, and cDNA targets from a wide range of organisms. The mix supports both standard and fast protocols, and amplifies GC-rich targets up to 70%.

Numerous enhancers bind & inactivate PCR inhibitors, allowing amplification from crude extracts of:


  • Blood

  • Food & beverages

  • Plant & animal tissue

  • Environmental air & water samples


Multiplex qPCR often suffers from competitive inhibition, where a high copy number target amplifies early, consuming reactants that prevent lower copy number targets from amplifying. With high levels of Taq, dNTPs, and multiplexing enhancers, NucleoGene 2X qPCR Probe Master Mix has been demonstrated to amplify four multiplex targets simultaneously, with no change in Cq when compared with singleplex reactions.




Hot Start Mechanism


GC Content


Multiplex Targets

Up to 4

Reaction Speed


Exonuclease Activity

5' → 3'

TaqMan/Hydrolysis, Molecular Beacon, Scorpions

Supported Probes

Supported Templates

Genomic DNA, cDNA, Plasmid DNA

Recommended Reaction Volume

10 – 50 µL


High Temperature Stability

8 days @ 50 ºC, 3 months @ 25 ºC

Freeze/Thaw Cycles

Up to 20

Shipping Conditions

Gel Ice

-20 ºC 1 year, or 4 ºC for 6 months.     Protect from light

Storage Conditions

Compatible Instruments

The mix ships with an optional ROX reference dye, allowing it to be used with high, low, and no-ROX qPCR instruments.

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