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NucleoGene Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

NucleoGene DNA&RNA&Protein Extraction Kits is a nucleic acid isolation and purification system based on a spin column using a mixture of specific chemicals and materials to obtain a rapid and simple nucleic acid extraction process.

NucleoGene DNA&RNA&Protein Extraction Kits are available for DNA, RNA or protein extraction from different sample types (paraffin-embedded tissue, virus, blood, tissue, stool, saliva, urine, plant, bacteria, parasite, mold, yeast, food, water, environmental samples, etc.). These kits allow you to remove the inhibitors with unique buffers according to the properties of the samples and to obtain nucleic acids in their purest form.

The main benefit of NucleoGene DNA&RNA&Protein Extraction Kits is that it captures very high quality and very long DNA or RNA fragments containing a large number of pieces in long base pairs under one hour. NucleoGene DNA&RNA&Protein Extraction Kits provides advanced nucleic acid purification technology with high yield, superior purity and high RNA and DNA integrity numbers. Besides that, the short and long fragment ratios in the isolated nucleic acids show homogeneity (may show differences with sample effect).

Wide Range of Products

Freedom to choose the isolation method and kit according to the field and sample type you want to work with.

Flexible Protocols
Many protocols that can extract DNA, RNA or protein from different samples.

Fast Protocol

Whole process can be completed in less than 1 hour.

Price/Quality Balance

Great results with more affordable prices.

Intact Nucleic Acid
Long and undamaged DNA and RNA are obtained.

High Quality and Yield
The obtained nucleic acids have high DIN and RIN values (RIN>8, DIN>9).

NucleoGene DNA&RNA&Protein Extraction Kits offer you a wide choice of protocols for further applications.

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You can easily perform nucleic acid purification or extraction that you are targeting with NucleoGene DNA&RNA&Protein Extraction Kits kit that you choose from our portfolio in accordance with your process.

NucleoGene DNA&RNA&Protein Extraction Kits are specially developed according to the samples you will extract or purify. This special design allows you to capture the best nucleic acid quality that makes it superior to the other competitors. We offer you everything you need in one box without any need for additional chemicals or processes.

  • Next Generation Sequencing

  • Sanger Sequencing

  • PCR

  • Real Time PCR

  • Sequence Purification

  • Digital PCR

  • Microarray

  • Western Blot

  • Nothern Blot

  • Cloning

  Usage Areas
  • Academic research

  • Medical diagnostics

  • Blood DNA Isolation Kits

  • Genetic disease tests

  • Pharma companies

  • Biotechnology companies

  • Clinical trial research

  • Forensic testing

  • Paternity testing

  • Identification


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