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NucleoGene Molecular Detection Assay


CAT(Circular Amplification Technology) technology developed by NucleoGene, is an easy to use, specific and sensitive molecular detection system based on isothermal amplification. In contrast to other molecular technologies, NucleoGene CAT® uses unique amplification reaction technology for in vitro DNA and RNA amplification at a constant temperature (isothermal amplification).


The unique molecular detection method and ease of use of the system allows you to finalize the test with minimal matrix effect from any environmental sample, food or organism fluid.

The NucleoGene CAT® kits are optimized to work directly from the specimen for virus, fungi, molds and parasites. Pre-enrichment is required to screen food samples for bacteria. Surface and environmental swab samples (for bacteria and viruses) can be detected without pre-enrichment.

NucleoGene CAT® is much faster than PCR, Real Time PCR or other molecular detection systems with its few steps protocol and without the need for expensive device investments. It provides a genetic determination of low-level targets in a short period of 5-10 minutes without pre-enrichment if necessary. Analysis with the NucleoGene CAT® system results in excellent accuracy, specificity and precision in both food matrices and organism and environmental samples with minimal matrix effects compared to conventional methods.

NucleoGene CAT® Molecular Detection Assay is designed to be used in food, environment, poultry and public care industries.

NucleoGene CAT® Molecular Detection Assay Kits are designed for use with NucleoGene CAT® Instrument for fast and reliable detection.

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   NucleoGene MDA Instrument:


  • Allows you to quickly and accurately detect the target organism by fluorescent measurement in any specimen,

  • Enables viewing real-time reaction on its own screen or on an external computer screen or mobile phone with curves.

  • Positive and negative results are displayed in an easy way with text and colors at the end of the analysis.

  • Device is light, rechargeable and portable instrument with a small footprint to save bench space.

NucleoGene CAT Molecular Detection Assay Advantages:







 The reaction mixture has a high tolerance to inhibitors, so that you get the most accurate result.






 NucleoGene CAT Molecular Detection Assay is resistant to temperature differences with its special     composition and has high   repeatability. The system has been validated by long and comprehensive   studies on high precision and accuracy. Its sensitivity is   102   ml for bacteria.





 Thanks to the improved unique method, positive samples can only be detected in 5-15 minutes, negative samples can be   detected within 30 minutes(reaction time varies according to the kit type). All processes, including nucleic acid extraction and   reaction, result in only total 45 minutes.



 User Friendly;


 It is very simple to use with just a few steps protocol and easy software.

 Minimum Training;


 The complete process results only in 2 steps so that all samples are analysed effortlessly.

 Cost Effectiveness;


 Expensive equipment, equipped personnel and high investment costs are not required. You can achieve   great results with low budgets.

NucleoGene CAT Molecular Detection Assay Process :

  • 1st Step; Transfer sample (eg. stool, pre-enrichment liquid bacteria cell, swab, blood, saliva, body fluid, spice, food, plant and environmental samples) (20 μL for lyophilized kits and 200 μL for non-lyophilized kit) to a tube containing lysis fluid for the extraction of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) in a single step.

  • 2nd Step; Incubate tubes for 10 minutes at 95 ° C to perform nucleic acid extraction.

  • 3rd Step; Leave the tubes on cold block or ice and  for 5 minutes.

  • 4th Step; Transfer 20 μL (20 μL for lyophilized kit or 2 μL non-lyophilized kit) sample to individual reaction strips. Pipet up and down 5 times to mix.

  • 5st Step; Transfer reaction strips in to NucleoGene Molecular Detection Assay  device.

  • 6st Step; Select the desired program from the device to start. Positive results can be determined in 5-15 minutes, but wait for 30 minutes for negative results (may show changes depending on kits and samples).


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