We supply a wide range of molecular biology reagents, including PCR Master Mixes, Isothermal Amplification Detection Kits, Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits, Nucleic Acid Stabilizer Solution and Decontamination Solution available to rent for both short and long term periods. 
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PCR Master Mixes

PCR Master Mixes for Conventional PCR, Endpoint & Real-Time PCR

NucleoGene offers a wide range of PCR Master Mixes and through our commitment to research, ensures the development of innovative, high quality tools for PCR. Our product quality, enzyme expertise and outstanding technical support bring unparalleled confidence to your PCR experiments.

For added convenience, many PCR polymerase from NucleoGene are available in a master mix format. Each master mix contains the polymerase, dNTPs, buffer and other components optimized for each particular reaction.

NucleoGene PCR Master Mixes are formulated with chemistrys modification ultra-pure DNA polymerase to ensure specific and effective primary prolongation only after activation at 95 °C. NucleoGene enzymes and master mix are meticulously purified for removal of host genomic DNA and ideal for test applications such as pathogen detection where residual host DNA in typical recombinant enzyme preparations can limit assay sensitivity and where low copy targets can be determined indefinitely.

NucleoGene PCR Master Mixes has many advantages:


  • The Most Stable Master Mix (Stable at 50 ºC for 8 days, or 25 ºC for 3 months)

  • High Efficiency and Clear Gel Bands (Set up reactions with ease at room temperature)

  • Amplifies Everything Without Inhibition (The mix supports both standard and fast protocols, and amplifies GC-rich targets up to 70%. Numerous enhancers bind & inactivate PCR inhibitors, allowing amplification from crude extracts of: Blood, Food & beverages, Plant & animal tissue, Environmental air & water samples.)

    • Specifications vary between varieties of products.

We produce the highest quality products. All products are tested by a team of fully trained engineers. Browse our product list >>