NucleoGene Decontamination Solution 1

NucleoGene Decontamination Solution

Although polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and newly developed molecular techniques have revolutionized research and diagnostics, it is an undeniable fact that it is necessary to prevent the contamination of nucleic acids that lead to false positive results.
This is especially important in diagnosis and forensic medicine. The measures currently taken to prevent cross-contamination in molecular biology and genetic studies are generally toxic and not at the desired level. NucleoGene DNA-RNA Bacteria&Virus Degradation Solution offers a fast, convenient and reliable method for decontamination prior to molecular studies. Thermocycler blocks can be used to safely decontaminate any surface, including storage boxes, pipettes, gloves, microcentrifuge tubes, tube racks, ice boxes, shelves, and worktops.

It effectively eliminates even viruses, bacteria and contaminated nucleic acid in PCR devices, manual and automatic isolation devices, even in the reaction tubes used, without interfering with subsequent enzymatic reactions. All contaminating nucleic acids are reduced to the nucleotides that prevent the possibility of false positive amplification, and all viruses and bacteria are destroyed by fragmentation.

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