NucleoGene miRNA to cDNA Mix 1

NucleoGene miRNA to cDNA Mix

NucleoGene miRNA to cDNA Synthesis Kit with Poly(A) Polymerase Tailing, is a complete system for the efficient synthesis of first strand miRNA from total RNA templates. This comprehensive kit contains all the miRNA synthesis required reagents including Poly(A) Polymerase and NucleoGene Reverse Transcriptase. Poly(A) Polymerase catalyses the template independent addition of adenosine residues onto the 3’ ends of polyribonucleotides. All non-coding RNAs and smaller RNAs such as miRNAs can become reverse- transcriptable, via the use of oligo d(T), after being poly(A)-tailed. Originated from bacteria, NucleoGene Poly(A) Polymerase has been shown to be more effective than Poly(A) Polymerase from E. coli at oligonucleotide-labeling and poly(A) tailing of long RNA templates.

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