NucleoGene One Step RT-qPCR Probe Master Mix (2X) 1

NucleoGene One Step RT-qPCR Probe Master Mix (2X)

NucleoGene 2X One Step RT-qPCR Probe Master Mix is a prepared, ready-to-use, high-precision 2X reaction mixture for one-step reverse transcription qualitative or quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) of RNA templates using TaqMan® 5 'hydrolysis probes such as hydrolysis or hybridization probe detection chemicals. Single- stranded cDNA synthesis and PCR amplification are performed in the same tube without transfer between procedures.

It is ideal for highly efficient gene expression studies as well as for highly accurate measurement of RNA viruses or RNA targets in low copy number. The system is optimized for maximum RT-PCR efficiency, sensitivity and specificity in reduced reaction volumes and fast cycle times. The use of higher temperatures (50 to 55 ° C) for the first strand stage of the single strand RT-qPCR provides higher specificity for primary annealing and the degradation of RNA secondary structure capable of inhibiting cDNA synthesis. NucleoGene 2X One Step RT-qPCR Probe Master Mix is highly resistant to PCR inhibitors. Mixture also contains a reverse transcriptase enzyme at high purity and activity. The most basic component of the mixture is an ultra pure, durable, mutant thermostable DNA polymerase coupled with chemical modification. This allows for a highly stable, high temperature starter reaction that minimizes the potential for primer dimer and other non-specific PCR events.

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